Michel Platiny and Danilo Bertalha, Part 1

Michel Platiny is horny and sweaty after a workout. In the shower, he lathers up then rinses off, wishing he had someone to play with. Moments later, Danilo Bertalha walks in and, as luck would have it, he’s the same young man Michel had been staring the entire workout session! Without reservation, Danilo walks up to Michel fantasized about while working out! Sex is obviously on Danilo’s mind as well and soon the slender Brazilian twinks are making out and sucking monster cock right there in the public shower. Michel has a talented throat, taking all of Danilo down to the balls before heading to the locker room where he continues servicing his new fuck buddy before offering up his hole for a good priming.
Featuring: Danilo Bertalha, Michel Platiny