Tommy Lazzari and Tom Ass

I became friends with Tom Ass mostly from hanging out in bars, turns out we had a lot of friends in common. The subject of porn eventually comes up in any conversation with gay men, so I told him that I shoot porn for a living. His piercing blue eyes made me stare at him for embarrassingly lengths of time and in order to keep him in my sights, I must have asked him to model at some point. Turns out he was interested (and broke) so we set it up. Shortly thereafter, he announced he was moving to Berlin, so I wanted to make sure to get the scene done before he left. I contacted my buddy Tommy Lazzari because he's a good top, likes bear cubs, and always needs money. The two hit it off really well and the scene turned out great. I let them fuck in any position they wanted and it came off very natural and passionate.
Featuring: Tom Ass, Tommy Lazzari