Scott Campbell and Dillon Press

Harnessed Scott is on his knees stroking his cock while servicing Dillon’s big dick. Scott crams Dillon’s head into his crotch, putting his dick all the way down Scott’s open throat. Scott sits down and lets Dillon work on his cock. With Scott’s legs spread wide, Dillon helps himself to Scott’s hole. Stroking it while sucking on Scott’s cock, he eventually shoves his finger in deep, driving Scott crazy. By now, Scott’s begging. Dillon obliges by turning Scott around and kissing and eating the stretched open hole. He continues, driving a thumb in followed by more tongue. When Scott’s butt is nice and ready, Dillon starts ploughing him, making Scott moan and beg for more. Getting hungry Scott on his back on a toolbox, Dillon slowly pulls his long piston in and out of Scott at first, working up into a fever pitch. He then pulls out and blows into Scott’s mouth before moving down to drain Scott’s balls.
Featuring: Dillon Press, Scott Campbell