Race Cooper and Alessio Romero

Alessio Romero and Race Cooper aren't just porn stars. They're also close friends and like to push each other's limits, especially on camera. Alessio is tied to a pole wrapped in cellophane and blindfolded. Race enters with a swagger and torments Alessio, who can't see what's about to happen to him. With a sharp drywall blade, Race starts cutting holes in the cellophane, first the nipples and working his way down to the crotch. After giving the shaft a few stinging slaps, he sucks on it and gets it hard with little effort. With his leather gloves stuffed into Alessio's mouth, Race pulls out nipple clamps and expertly played the perky tits of the bound muscle stud. When the time is right, Race removes the cellophane and blindfold, then brings Alessio to his knees to suck his big black cock. Finally unbound, Alessio savors Race's incredible body, sucking his dick and licking his armpits. But his freedom is short-lived as Race chains Alessio's wrists to the ceiling rafters and smacks his furry ass with a leather paddle then sticks his tongue between his meaty cheeks. Leaning him up against the wall, he fucks the Latin bear cub with vigor. To make his bottom relax and prepare for the pounding he's about to get, Race puts his victim in the sling. Stroking his own cock throughout, Alessio relishes the fucking he receives and moans with delight, as he literally gets the cum fucked out of him. But when Race gets ready to shoot his load you really get to see how amazing his abs look as he flexes to squirt out his jizz.
Featuring: Alessio Romero, Race Cooper