Nick Moretti and Chad Brock

Chad has a bit of cowboy fetish, mostly because he looks so goddamn hot in Western wear. But to tease him a bit while in bondage, Nick and his devious mind concoct a plan to humiliate Chad by binding him in ropes in the dungeon with a ridiculous looking kid sized cowboy hat. Noting the absurd irony of a Chicago native acting out his cowboy fantasies, Nick verbally teases him while using a riding crop to inflict some stinging stimulus to his tits, ass and balls. Nick blows him, then helps Chad to his knees so he can get his own big curved dick sucked by the rope bound faux cowboy, eventually moving on to rimming his ass. When Nick determines that Chad is more useful with his hands untied, we watch him as the rope expert releases the restraints and puts Chad in the sling for a good fucking. Chad is a pliable and active participant who loves having Nick's big dick shoved in his face from the comfort of the sling, moaning with pleasure throughout.
Featuring: Chad Brock, Nick Moretti