Nick Moretti and Blue Bailey

A lot of viewers like daddy/boy scenes where an older, strong man tops a fresh, tender submissive boy. That's exactly what happened with Nick Moretti mounting the pliable Blue Bailey. Nick has gorilla-like body hair, extensive tattoos and a really big, curved dick that slid right into Blue's waiting butthole. Even at his young age, Blue is no novice at taking a large cock. He just loves to get fucked. The fact that Nick and Blue were already close friends and frequent fuck buddies allowed us to dispense with shyness or apprehension with this daddy/boy team. The scene begins with Nick pleasuring Blue's impressive cock and quickly moves to eating his sweet young ass. It took only 3 minutes before Nick asked, 'Are you ready to get fucked?' Blue just arched his back and backed his ass up onto Nick's throbbing cock in response. As usual, I gave them virtually no direction at all. They chose to change positions, flipping around to any angle that felt right at the moment. It was a team effort, with Blue getting his prostate pounded and taking the role of aggressive bottom in order to maximize both their pleasure. Splattering cum shot all over Nick's face and the couch cushions.
Featuring: Blue Bailey, Nick Moretti