Josh West and Alessio Romero

Chained to the wall like Hercules, Alessio Romero is both relieved and intimidated to see Josh West show up wielding his hard monster cock. Alessio's own cock is bursting out of his leather jockstrap as Josh bends down to suck on it. While still chained up, Alessio is fed cock but Josh soon gets him on his knees so they can get down to business. After exchanging sloppy blowjobs, Josh tastes that round, hairy ass as Alessio spreads his cheeks and hangs onto the chain. The two hairy, bearded muscle cubs are excited with anticipation, grabbing at each other as they prepare to put Alessio in the sling. Alessio gets hard immediately upon jumping into the sling, and Josh is right there to service his cock, balls and asshole. He wants that butt ready for his big cock, so he makes Alessio stretch it out with his own finger. Alessio moans and grimaces at the size of Josh's big dick, but he loves it. It doesn't take long before Josh finds the sweet spot and Alessio blows his load all over his chest. Josh stands on the side to shoot his load right into Alessio's mouth, making him suck it down and lick the last drop.
Featuring: Alessio Romero, Josh West