Although FYERFLI has done a few gay porn movies, he's not one of your usual porn star types. He's a DJ, an artist, a stripper, and a fire dancer. I knew FYERFLI before he did porn as just one of those gorgeous "alternative" faerie boys that run around San Francisco and show up at all the hippest events. The shoot was done just after he got back from Burning Man, and as soon as he saw himself in the full-length mirror in the studio, he said, "Wow, I look HOT! I guess not eating in the desert might actually be good for you!" He was such a ham, I had no problem getting him to camp it up for the camera. This sexy ball-of-fire likes to dress up in kinky costumes. He brought over a couple outfits to appeal to the fans of "furry fetish" - a kitty cat and a turquoise Playgirl bunny. He also brought an outfit I can only describe as "Fallen Angel meets Road Warrior as told by Mr. S. Leather". Just before the "money shot", he posed in his long black flowing coat, ala Columbine High School, that he embroidered with flames and Burning Man logos. We both had a really great time doing the shoot. He jumped around, stood on his head, spun in circles and contorted his body in weird positions. It ended with him shooting a load two feet in the air!
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