Derek Bronson and Lance Navarro

Nineteen-year-old blond, blue-eyed Derek is chained up in the dungeon wearing only a jockstrap, harness and boots. He's blindfolded and has pink lipstick smeared on his face. Daddy Lance enters from behind and gives Derek a few swats on the butt but when he comes around to the front, he notices the lipstick. Disappointed with the cheating boy, he wipes it off with a rag and makes sure Derek knows who's boss. With a leather strap, Lance reddens Derek's tasty, round boy butt. Still blindfolded, Derek moans and flinches. Lance is forgiving enough to pull out Derek's hard cock to service his unfaithful boy. When the blindfold is removed, it's Derek's turn to service daddy. Anxious to dominate the boy, Lance puts Derek in the sling and worships the youngster's cock while teasing his furry butt hole with two, then three fingers. In an unexpected move, daddy Lance's asshole suddenly gets hungry for hot boy cock. Derek's hard as steel by this time and, filled with the energy and passion of youth, he's more than happy to pleasure Lance in the sling. Derek and Lance fuck like rabbits clad in leather. Standing over Lance's shoulder, Derek splatters his cum all over Lance's hairy chest and Lance soon shoot his own load, thrashing and convulsing with ecstasy, his eyes rolling back into his head.
Featuring: Derek Bronson, Lance Navarro