I had a friend staying over for a few days who has a fetish for redheads. While hanging out in the gayborhood, my friend kept running into the same cute redhead, asking to fill out employment applications. My friend finally got up the courage to approach Charles while he was filling one out at Walgreen's. 'You know, there are other ways to make a little money,' he said seductively. My friend called me immediately to tell me he met a hot redhead and I needed to set up for a porn shoot in an hour. I was totally unprepared, but since redheads in gay porn are so rare, I didn't want to miss the opportunity since he was literally fresh-off-the-bus. Charles was charming, friendly and willing to do anything we asked. We shot some artistic pictures in the garden just as the blossoms of spring were opening. Starting with some softcore creative shots, Charles had no inhibitions about stripping outdoors. We moved indoors for his jerk off scene. Charles got hard quickly and I think he liked the attention. With freckles from head to toe and flaming red pubic hair, we nicknamed him 'Firecrotch.' His cum shot was easy and explosive, and he felt relieved afterward. We finished up with a dip in the hot tub, capturing some beautiful still photos of his naive sexiness and winning smile.
Featuring: Charles