I met Amahl a couple years ago through friends and always thought he was super hot. We had talked about doing a photo shoot for a long time, but those proposals are often brushed off as just flirting. I ran into him last week at a fundraiser where he was helping raise money by stripping, and we talked again about having him pose. When he called me the next day to set it up, frankly, I was surprised. I jumped at the chance to work with him, and the photo shoot proved to be one of my best to date! Amahl is 5'8" and a solid 190 pounds with a big black cock that measures 8 or 9 inches. He got into bodybuilding when he was in the Army and joined the Bodybuilding Team. The video shows him doing his posing routine from his bodybuilding days. The shoot lasted about 4 or 5 hours and I really made him work. We shot outdoors in the garden, in the hot tub, in the shower, and included a couple costume changes in the studio. I love playing Barbi with boys and dressing them up in little "costumes". Amahl was playful and didn't object to any of my crazy costume suggestions: orange spandex "Circuit Boy", tribal body paint, or even kinky Dr. Huxtable. He was a little nervous or shy, so it took a while for the money shot, but it was well worth the wait.
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