Julian Terra and Martin San Diego

Julian Terra and Martin San Diego make their way from the hot streets of Buenos Aires to their hotel room. Julian demands that Martin drop the camera and his pants. He pushes Martin onto the bed and straddles him, grinding and kissing while stripping the rest of his clothes off. Martin then pulls Julian's pants off and hungrily gulps his cock down his throat. Julian then turns his attention and flicking tongue to Martin's sweet hole. He pulls Martin's cheeks apart and dives in, muffling Martin's moans with his cock. Working a finger up Martin's ass and Martin's cock in his mouth, he proceeds to loosen him up in preparation for bigger things. Julian plants his big cock into Martin and starts pounding. The two roll over and over eventually ending up standing with Julian fucking him from behind. Julian's balls slap away at Martin's ass, eventually making Martin pop all over the bed. Julian pulls out and showers Martin with his load.
Featuring: Julian Terra, Martin San Diego