Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas

Returning from a long walk Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas have a cold drink. After sucking on an ice cube, Luciano begins to stimulate Bruno’s hard nipples with it. As they begin making out passionately, enjoying the taste of each other’s month and sweaty bodies, going back and forth from mouth to armpits while Luciano cups Bruno’s ass! Luciano on his knees bites at Bruno’s bulge. Unable to stop pawing at each other like animals in heat they bite each other and swap spit. Luciano bends Bruno over the cooler and begins to taste his pink rosebud. Bruno turns to put Luciano’s cock in his mouth as Luciano opens his hole with his exploring fingers. After falling to the ground Bruno, now on top, slides up to sit on Luciano’s face eager to feel that hot wet tongue going wild inside of his hungry ass again. After a hot 69 session Luciano is face deep in Bruno’s man pussy. A very horned up Bruno pushes Luciano on his back and proceeds to viciously face fuck him. Now on all fours in the grass Bruno rims Luciano before a series of deep thrusts. Awakened by Bruno’s huge cock in him Luciano bends Bruno over the gate and pounds away like a Jack rabbit until he can’t take anymore and let loose his creamy jizz on Bruno’s asscrack. Soon followed by Bruno releasing his own sticky goo all over the fence.
Featuring: Bruno Bordas, Luciano Bonzas