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Release Date: February 26, 2015
Title: Anthony Clark and Lincoln Gates
Anthony calls Jack with the offer of filming him getting fucked by his hot mate Lincoln. It's an offer Jack can't refuse and calls the boys over. After a...
Release Date: February 19, 2015
Title: Jake Reed and James Dixon
Jack receives an unexpected visit from his friends Jake and James. Unexpected but not unwelcomed, as Jake used to live in Paris and Jack is going to see his...
Release Date: February 12, 2015
Title: Tony Axel and Geoffrey Paine
Jack and Tony are at home waiting for the two guys to arrive. Doorbell goes off and Geoffrey arrives. He's a tall, muscled, bearded, American... and he is on...
Release Date: February 05, 2015
Title: Dominic Pacifico and Sam Barclay
Mexican born LA living DJ Dominic is over in London for a few days. He invites his friend jack over to the apartment he�s renting for a catch up. Dominic...

Hottest Videos

Hottest Videos
US vs Europe 7 Man Orgy
Just as Dominic and Billy rest on the sofa, a whole load of toolbox men turn up still in their overalls, ready to...
Hottest Videos
Damian Boss, Aitor Crash and Dominic Pacifico
As the men start to pair off a little, Damian Boss, Aitor Crash and the resident bottom boy Dominic get to know each...
Hottest Videos
Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico & Billy Baval
First through the door of the sexiest apartment in London is the olive-skinned bottom boy Dominic Pacifico joining...
Hottest Videos
Dirk Caber and Scott Hunter
Northern muscle man Scott is coming back home from his morning exercise and he runs into a hot guy at the gate of his...
Hottest Videos
Greg David, Brice Farmer and Ivan Rueda
Muscle hunk Greg teams up with toned twinks Brice and Ivan for a spit roasting session by the bar!! Tattooed...
Hottest Videos
Butch Grand and Carioca
Hairy hunk Butch teams up with the gorgeously mixed race Carioca in an intense session!! Carioca’s huge dick wins...


Release Date: March 05, 2015

Title: Ken Solo
Jack is cruising at night in the local park, he sees a hot mixed race guy waiting. Passes him by. Stop. Look back. He guy is rubbing his cock. Bingo! Jack goes over, feel the goods on offer and invites the guy back. The hot guy wants money. Deal. Jack takes him back, admires the man’s beautiful smile. His dirty green eyes and a smooth body to die for. Show me your cock Mister! It’s big, uncut and juicy. For $100 Jack is entitled to taste it. It’s sweet,...

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