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Release Date: August 27, 2015
Title: Eduardo Flores and Mateus Axel
Long-haired Brazilian hunk Mateus Axel invites Eduardo Flores to his cabin on the silliest of pretexts. He wants Eduardo to see his new fireplace. But there...
Release Date: August 20, 2015
Title: Reinaldo Miranda and Daniel Canela
Tattooed, Brazilian hottie Daniel Canela is working outdoors when Reinaldo Miranda rides past on his bike. Reinaldo is lost so he stops Daniel for directions...
Release Date: August 13, 2015
Title: Luis Gonzales and Gilbert Varon
After getting fucked by super-hung black dude Martin Santos, Luis Gonzales was still horny, especially since he never got to come. He knew he could have...
Release Date: August 06, 2015
Title: Luis Gonzales and Martin Santos
Luis Gonzales and Martin Santos hit it off when they met at a sci-fi/fantasy convention so they went out for a coffee to see what else they had in common....

Hottest Videos

Hottest Videos
Damian Boss, Aitor Crash, Dominic
As the men start to pair off a little, Damian Boss, Aitor Crash and the resident bottom boy Dominic get to know each...
Hottest Videos
Dirk Caber and Scott Hunter
Northern muscle man Scott is coming back home from his morning exercise and he runs into a hot guy at the gate of his...
Hottest Videos
US vs Europe 7 Man Orgy
Just as Dominic and Billy rest on the sofa, a whole load of toolbox men turn up still in their overalls, ready to...
Hottest Videos
Logan and Tomas
I meet Logan and Tomas. We chat about Stockholm, places to go, where to find boys. Logan and Tomas tell me about a...
Hottest Videos
Anthony Clark and Lincoln Gates
Anthony calls Jack with the offer of filming him getting fucked by his hot mate Lincoln. It's an offer Jack can't...
Hottest Videos
Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico & Billy
First through the door of the sexiest apartment in London is the olive-skinned bottom boy Dominic Pacifico joining...


Release Date: September 03, 2015

Title: Amsterdam Teaser Trailer
The Netherlands. I always wanted to come to Amsterdam. For obvious reasons. I love open mentality and a relaxed attitude. Plus, the weather is gorgeous, the canals lined with trees adorned with fresh leaves, the birds are singing and you can smell the musky odour of the boys waking up… I have learned from my last excursion in Stockholm, so this time I already have a few boys lined up. We’ll just wait and see. One good thing is that they all speak English. Hopefully...

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