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Release Date: April 17, 2014
Title: Ivan Rueda and Garcia Perez
It’s evening in Berlin and as the sun goes down, the hard fuckers come out! Ivan and Garcia are two dark haired Spaniards, rough, hairy and full of spunk,...
Release Date: April 10, 2014
Title: Pete Coast
Lacing his leather boots for us, biker guy Pete, already kitted out in all the right colours, the stubbled fuckers takes us up to his rooftop overlooking...
Release Date: April 03, 2014
Title: Joachim and Pierre Mucker
Pierre is back and has called on leather biker dude Joachim over to his hotel room for some fun that only these sports-gear loving men can do! Not even...
Release Date: March 27, 2014
Title: Lucky Joe
Scally lad Joe is getting his stuff together and showing us around his bedsit. With trackies and trainers all over the place, young lad Joe gives us the...

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Rocky Torrez, Ross Hurston, Rocco Banks
Rocky hooks up with tattooed hunk Rocco with his boyfriend Ross for an even hotter three-way!! Having his ass really...
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Trojan Rock, Rocky Torrez, and Carlo Cox
Hunk threesome!! Hooking up with suited hunk Trojan and Carlo, Rocky is taken back to their plush pad for an awesome...
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Ricky Tudor and Jamie Stuart
Hitting the sauna showers is always a fun experience, and when our host shows us around, fit fucker Jamie is ready...
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Antton Harri and Saxon West
Red head Saxon and dark haired Antton are making out in the kitchen, both clearly horned up with cocks trying to...
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JR Bronson and Jay Black
Walking down the his street, local guy Jay finds his horny neighbour standing in his doorway, in his gym kit playing...
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Rocco Banks and Marco Di Lucca
Rocco has a go at a younger, smoother boy, fingering his smooth butt in great close-up shots, first one finger, then...


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