Tyler Reed and Orlando Ink
Cam Christou and Chip Young
Damien Brooks and Russ Magnus
Gabriel Fisk and Damien Brooks
James Django and Chip Young
Luke Harrington and Aarin Asker
Sean Duran and Alex Mason
Bonus: Luke Harrington and Russ Magnus
Luke Harrington and Russ Magnus
Jackson Fillmore and Lukas Cipriani
Luke Harrington and John Bedford
Sage Daniels and Butch Bloom
Luke Harrington and Damien Brooks
Rocco Steele and Lukas Cipriani
Russ Magnus and Travis Saint
Sean Duran and Jackson Fillmore
Gabriel Fisk and Aarin Asker
Chris Neal and Jake Wetmore
Russ Magnus and Damien Brooks
Jeff Kendall, Jessy Karson and Jon Shield
Gabriel Fisk and Russ Magnus
Rocco Steele and Sean Duran
Tyler Reed and Aarin Asker
Max Cameron and Alex Mason